What Others Are Saying

Stacey Wollerton, Rylie's Mom

Stacey Wollerton

My daughter has attended the Marlin Soccer Academy for two years, she loves the atmosphere of the camp, the time spent with the college and high school players that coach at the camp, and the amazing one on one time that Coach Bowers gives to each of the kids. Her ball handling skills and overall confidence level increased each day. Each session of the Marlin Soccer Academy is a must do for her!

Jacob's Parents

Karyn and Chris Andersen

THANK YOU to you and your staff!! Jacob had a wonderful summer camp experience!  We appreciate ALL of your hard work and dedication to the kids.  This was his third time attending and each year he loves the camp more!  He has learned so much regarding goalie, and foot skills.

Thanks again for everything!

Karyn and Chris Andersen

Kaiden's Mom

Misty Scanlon

My daughter Kaiden could not say enough good things about the Marlin Soccer Academy. Thanks to her experience... At 11 years old, she has "made up her mind" that she wants to go to college and play soccer for VA Wesleyan. She adored her coaches and says she learned so much about goal keeping from Coach Conner. You, your coaches and your camp made a huge impression on her and gave her a little more drive to keep going and pushing herself with soccer, which is huge. I am always amazed at how hard these kids have to work and how much they have to sacrifice at such a young age and every little thing that helps them along the way to not quit and instill passion makes all the difference. Your camp is one of those things. Thanks again... We will certainly spread the word.

Lennox's Mom

Alyssa Hamilton

Lennox loves Coach Kerry!